: 3rd International Conference on Islamic Economics and Financial Inclusion (ICIEFI)

Call For Paper

3rd ICIEFI is a conference aimed at providing a forum for sharing and promoting cutting-edge research in Islamic economics and development generally as well as Islamic social finance especially. It is also a conference aimed at facilitating intense and productive networking among academics, policy makers, practitioners, students and other interested parties.


“Islamic Social Finance for Sustainable Development Goals

The Committee of 3rd ICIEFI is pleased to call for submission of the papers, but are not limited, to the following issues/themes:

  1. Maqashid Shariah and Principles of Islamic Economics and Finance
  2. Islamic Social Finance that relevant to:
    • Economics Stability
    • Fairness & Equality
    • Customs, Culture & Tourism
    • Education, Training & Human Resources
    • Economics of Health, National Health Service (NHS) & National Health Insurance
    • Politics & Democracy
    • History in the Islamic Golden Age
    • The Effectiveness of Islamic Philanthropy Institution
    • Innovative Strategy in Financial Technology (Fintech)
    • Zakah, Cash Waqf to enhance Poverty Alleviation &Social Welfare
    • Islamic Banking and Finance
    • Islamic Economics & Halal Industry
    • National Law Perspectives
  1. Philanthropy, Charity and Social Endowment Fund towards:
    • Sustainable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    • Sustainable Socio-economics Development
    • Sustainable Women Empowerment & Gender Equality
    • Sustainable Disaster Management
    • Sustainable Renewable Energy
    • Sustainable Environment and Natural Resources
    • Sustainable Industry


The Conference will be organized using two languages such as:

  1. Arabic
  2. English

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