Ovulation Time Calculation Software Based on Pascal Language

Wisnu Kartika, Fariskha Novi Fauziah, Ahmad Syaifudin


On this time, it is many used devices for all of activity. On the daily life like watching tv, listening a radio, cooking with a stove and heating the water. All of that now use an embedded system, a small computing devices. In this era, many marriage couple who marry on the young age but they don’t have much knowledge about marriage and ovulation. Ovulation is important for young marriage couple. Ovulation time is used for determine the time to us when we plan a time to have a baby. To determine the time for ovulation time using a method called ovulation method. Using this method we make a software. By using Delphi we can make a software which can calculate the time. It is very interesting.


ovulation time; delphi; pascal programming

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