The Role of Local Mass Media in the Publicity of Public Policy in Yogyakarta



The objective of this research is to study the role of local mass media in the publicity process of a public
policy. Media is considered to hold the power to construct an agenda concerning on particular issues or
incidents so that they gain public’s attention. Media highlights the issues by providing space and time so
that public is continuously exposed and eventually aware of the particular issue, and people deem it as
important and build their belief on it. The method employed in this research is phenomenological
qualitative. The apparoach is characterized by its actual setting, in that the researcher is the key
instrument, and the data is descriptive in nature. This means that this reasearch aims to obtain data
description that describe the composition and characteristics of the unit being studied. The result shows
that Public Policy on gender mainstreaming as stated in Presidential Instruction No. 9/2000 on Gender
Mainstreaming - requiring at least 5 media taken as sample of this research – is considered not
newsworthy so that the frequency of the issue reporting in mass media is very rare, or even, never exists.

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