The Role of Islamic Faith-Based Organization in Building Solidarity and Resilience among People of Different Faiths in Northeast Thailand: A Case Study of Foundation for Education and Development of Muslims in Northeast Thailand-FEDMIN



The purposes of this paper are to examine the
role of FEDMIN in building solidarity and
resilience between Muslims and Buddhists and
to find a model of peaceful coexistence among
people of different faiths in northeast Thailand
called “Isan region”. The research area was
focused on the peaceful coexistence between
Muslims and Buddhist in particular in Ban Nong
Muen Tao village, Mueang, Udon Thani
province. The study found that there were four
important roles of FEDMIN in building solidarity
and resilience among people of different faiths.
Firstly, demonstrating the real image of Islam
and Muslims to the other people of different
faiths through the FEDMIN leaders’ role and
personality in practicing peaceful coexistence,
FEDMIN’s Santhitham Wittaya School, Muslim
village model, which were described as “an
intellectual contribution of Muslim community
for the public”, FEDMIN Muslim area as a field
trip attraction to the Authorities. Secondly,
encouraging Muslims and Buddhists to set up a
suitable atmosphere of dialogue of action based
on socially engaged Islam and Buddhism
concept which was demonstrated by the faithbased
community forum as “comfort space” in
which a suitable atmosphere of dialogue of
action can exist. Third, empowering religious
institution to play a vital role in preaching the
principles of peaceful coexistence to believers
becoming citizen of the society through Islamic
sermon- Khutbah, Islamic class, establishing
Santhitham Wittaya school as a substantive
contribution from Muslim community to the
public, and Community Radio Station project as
a positive media which supported to create an
atmosphere of citizenship among people of
different faiths in the village.

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