Pola Relasi Eksekutif Dan Legislatif Pada Penyusunan Legislasi Daerah

Marno Wance, Suranto Suranto


This study is shown to measure the impact of the rising of many South Buru district budget is problematic
(mistimed), namely from the year 2010 to 2015 discussions always happen tug of interests that result in a delay
of APBD. therefore be important to do a study on (1), the Executive and Legislative Relationship Patterns in
South Buru budget discussion. (2) Factors relations executive and legislative In the discussion of the budget.
based on the findings of this study concluded that the first, found three patterns of interaction (accommodation,
domination, compromise), but between the three patterns of interaction of the budget policy discussion found any
more process dominate. Second, the interaction patterns decisional is a pattern of disagreement that took place
in the formulation (KUA) and (PPAS) resulting keterlamabatan determination of the budget, the interaction
patterns of power that occurred bargaining (barganing) to exchange the interest of the legislature to the
executive are not accommodated On (RKA) SKPD These three, namely the interaction patterns Anticipated
Reaction South Buru District Government receives the benefit of parliament who form the recess recommendation
to maintain the stability of the Year 2015.Keempat discussion of budget, non-decisional interaction pattern that
the legislature refuses to KUA and PPAS discussion because of the executive did not submit documents Plans
Work Budget (RKA) from each SKPD. While facto factors influencing ang Relationship Patterns executive and
legislative discussion of budget 2015 ie Personal Bachground, political Bachground


the executive-legislative relations; local legislation

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