Public Service Integrity Perception: Case Study In Kutai Kartanegara Regency, Indonesia



This paper was aimed to measure the integrity
of public service at Kutai Kartanegara
Regency, East Borneo Province, Indonesia.
The public service integrity can be seen from
many perspective such as how the citizens
satisfied with the public services provided by
the government, how the public perception on
combating corruption, and how success the
government providing minimum service
standard to the public at large. This three
forms of public service integrity was the main
focuses of this research in Kutai Kartanegara
regency. The phenomenon of public service in
Kutai Kartanegara Regency shown out of the
tracks and missing to convey the importance
of public service values, characterized by
uncertainty of charges, time, and procedures.
The research used the quantitative methods
by scoring 3 indexes, which are the Citizen
Satisfaction Index, Corruption Perception
Index, and Minimum Service Standard Index.
This research used Non- probability Sampling
method, also Judgment Sampling procedure,
in the development and compilation of the
citizens satisfaction index. There were 57
local government agencies that served as the
samples. The results of this research were the
public service integrity perceptions in Kutai
Kartanegara regency was need to be
improved on the quantity and quality of public
service delivery, commitment and efforts to
create a clean government, transparency and
accountability espe cially on e-procurement
and to implement minimum

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