Islamic Shari'a Politics and Teungku Dayah's Political Authority Crisis in Aceh



This study examines the Islamic Shari’a politics and Teungku Dayah’s political authority crisis in
Aceh. The main question being answered is how Islamic shari’a is adopted and practiced by the
government of Aceh and why Teungku Dayah as traditional Islamic leaders in Aceh did not become
the dominant actor and even their political authority those who have been in crisis since the latter part
of the New Order era not yet recovered in the political structure that has turned into all-Islam in the
post Order Baru.The result of this study indicate that the presence of Islamic shari’a in Aceh in the
Post New Order cannot be utilized by Teungku Dayah to recover their political authority that has
been in crisis since the latter part of the New Order era. Because as a political formula that is intended
to reduce conflict, Islamic shari’a in Aceh since the first fully controlled by the state, bureaucratically
managed and modified for the benefit of the ruling power elite. As a result, the political authority of
the Teungku Dayah in Aceh on post-New Order era did not recover from but remained as in the
previous era. However, Teungku Dayah’s political authority crisis in Aceh was not followed by a crisis
of authority in the realm of religion. This fact emphasizez that Teungku Dayah’s political and
religious authority in Aceh which is previously integrated have now been separated.

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