Competition For Jurisdiction Over Food Industry in South Korea



In spite of the government’s multilateral effort to control food safety, there have been constantly many
shock events threatening citizens’ health. This paper points out the matter of food safety management
system with a view of competition for jurisdiction over food industry among the Ministry of Health
and Welfare and the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and affiliated
organizations. Use description qualitative method in research. Each ministry has separate basic
positions and approaches to food industry policy: regulation and promotion.The policy image has been
changed into “regulation” as public anxiety and concern for hazardous foods has grown since the end
of 1990. They competeto take charge of promoting or regulating the food industry by establishing or
amending laws, expanding organizations and mobilizing a coalition.Coordination by policy committee,
cooperation between agencies, and integration of agencies were introduced as measures to eliminate
unnecessary competition for jurisdiction.

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