Organizational Structure and Public Service Satisfaction in Yogyakarta City



This research aims at explaining the relation between
organizational structure and public service satisfaction.
The survey is conducted technically by requesting
some respondents to grade the implementation
of changes in organizational structure and performance
of Licensing Department of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
The academic findings are: (1) the implementation
of the policy of changes in organizational
structure led to the characteristics of post-bureaucratic
organization, (2) the public service satisfaction
has been in the relatively high level, and (3) the
relationship between organizational structure and
public service satisfaction is positive and significant.
The theoretical implication of this research is that
the empirical study supports the assumption which
the organizational structure affects public services.
The practical implication that could be recommended
is that the characteristics of organizational structure
should be fostered. Thus, the citizens obtaining services
from the institution would be very satisfied. The
limitation of this research is the small population of
samples and respondents so that it would be hard
to generalize the findings. It is suggested that the
explanation of why public organization could provide
access and assurance for citizens in lower level
could be the issues to be investigated further.
KEYWORDS: Public Service, Organizational Structure,
Institution, Citizen, Assurance

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