Fake Populism or Real Populism: Pork Barrel Policy as Political Corruption in House of Representative During 2009- 2013



This article aims to analyze the practice of pork barrel politics in the level of Indonesia legislature tiers and its political
management campaign. Since 2004, electoral democracy already delegate to the common people to chosen their
representation directly through general election in the level executive and legislative. Those conditions oblige politician and
political parties to approaching the commons in order to obtain their vote and popularize both actors into public. The
paradigm of research is a pork barrel politics. This paradigm supports to understand and analyze the corruption symptoms
i.e. politico corruption in legislative tier and electoral-corruption in political-campaign which become chronic problems in
this country. Result of research has showed populism is pivotal key which triggered up politician and parties to corruption in
order to persist their political tenure and funding their political cost in pursue to re-elect again in second office terms. No
matter their corruption practice that implicate to budgeting fraud. Both actors take political favor to disguise within social
aids following the governmental policy, so that, they hindered from corruption accusation. Finally, this paper wants to
recommend legal improvement into our budgeting cycle wherein there are public participation to watch it and moral
improvement to politician and parties to reducing their corruption if they wants to become truly populist politician figure
into public.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18196/jgp.2013.0015

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