Implementasi Sistem E-Procurement Pada Layanan Pengadaan Secara Elektronik (LPSE) Provinsi Kepulauan Riau

Rendra Setyadiharja, Achmad Nurmandi


The purpose of this study is to see how the implementation of  e-procurement system via the Electronic Procurement
Service (LPSE) Government of  Riau Islands province, which had been adopted in 2008. The study also want to see
how they affect the political process towards the implementation of  e-procurement. The method in this study is a mix
method. Data collection techniques used in this research are questionnaires, interviews and documentation. While the
goal of  this research is the party who understand in detail how the process of implementing e-procurement system in
the province of  Riau Islands. Results from this study is that the implementation of  e-procurement system in Riau
Islands province has been run very effectively with the effectiveness index value of  3.27. Parameters that contribute
to the effectiveness of  the implementation is the purpose and the type of  website system (3.33), regulation (3.31)
clarity of  e-procurement planning (3.28), human resources suppor t  (3.27), eff iciency and effectiveness ( 3.25),
support infrastructure is the lowest parameter with a value of  3.11. At the level of  the political process, imlementasi e-
procurement system is significantly affected by opportunistic behavior of  agent (22.42%), clarity of  information
principal (16.87%), clarity of information agent  (15.37%), principal opportunistic beha vior (13, 40%), principal
contracting mechanisms (13.04%), the mechanism of  contract agent (16.30%). Total influence the political process
towards the implementation of  e-procurement system in LPSE Riau Islands Province amounted to 97.40% state that
has a very strong influence on the implementation of  e-procurement system in LPSE Riau Islands Province. while
2,60% influenced by other variables.


E-procurement; LPSE, Political Process E-procurement

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