Kinerja Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat Di Kota Makassar dalam Mewujudkan Good Governance Tahun 2010-2012

Rahmayandi Mulda, Suranto Suranto


The problems in this study include how the performance of the NGOsis in achieving Good Governance and the factors
that affect the NGOs in achieving Good Governance. The study aimed to know and describe the performance of the
NGOs to achieve Good Governance and also to know the factors that influence the performance of the NGOs in doing
so. The study showed that the performance of the NGOs in Makassar to achieve good government from 2010 to 2012
is good. This good performance works on the objects under the study which are Kopel, ACC, LBH APIK, and OXFAM and
can be seen from the works that those NGOs conducted such as encouraging financial transparencyof the local
government, enhancing the accountability of the work of local government, encouraging the rule of law in the country,
developing agreement orientation to the government, encouragingthe equality between the government and the
public, responding to a variety of problems that occur in the country, and encouraging the efficiency and effectiveness
of government work. Meanwhile, the factors that affect the performance of the NGOs in achieving Good Governance
are the human resource factors, the donating agencies, the accountability of the NGOs, the independence, the networks,
the idealism and leadership. The government should facilitate the NGOs which have good work performance
and are well-trusted by the public as they have contributions to the nation development. The NGOs should receive a
serious attention by all related parties from the government and the society. It is because the NGOs function as a
bridge between the public and the government. As the NGOs are directly connected with the donors from the developed
countries, it is possible that there can be particular intentions or interests that those countries put through the


work performance, NGOs, Good Governance

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