Kualitas Layanan Kantor Imigrasi Kelas 1 Yogyakarta dalam Pembuatan Paspor Berbasis E-Government

Iswahyudi Iswahyudi, Ulung Pribadi


The porpuse of the research is to determine the quality of servicein the government apparatus based electronic
passport, in this study using 5 indicators that Keberwujudan (tangible), Daya Tanggap (Responsiviness), Kehandalan
(Realibility), Jaminan (Assurance), and Empathy (Empathy). andalsosee at the factors that influence the quality of
service indicators Organizations, Human Resource, and Service System. The methoduse disdescriptive quantitative
method using frequency distribution, and the data collection were interviews, observation, documentation
andquestionnaires. With research sites at the Immigration Office Class 1 Yogyakarta. Results ofthe research is that
thequality of service in thegovernment apparatus based electronic passport given tothe publicis VeryGood”as indicated
by the scale 4.21cumulative indexofthe highest value 5.The variables that have the highest value is in the
variable Assurance (Warranty) with a score value of 4.60 with the category of “Very Good” and the variable that gets
the lowest score by the public is the variable empathy with a score value of 3.97although the category of “Good”. As
for the factor of influence in the organization’s services are among the factors, for cesor human resources and
service system. Then there commendations givent o the immigration office in Yogyakarta is in grade 1 to further
enhancethe quality of His ministry, especially in the Empathy dimension of hospitality, courtesy and discriminatory
actions in serving.


quality of Service, E- Government, Passport Services Online

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