Model Lelang Jabatan Di Pemerintah Daerah Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

MHD Rafi Yahya, Dyah Mutiarin


To get of state civil apparatus who performing good, so management human resources the government into important
consideration. Governance of state civil apparatus good it is can be implemented by through a process position
promotion structural good. The process position promotion structural good should be give birth to the leader or
public official who competence and performing good.But later many phenomena the process position promotion
structural who gave birth to public official who incompetent and good performing. To comment on it and as bureaucracy
reform the local government DIY implement position promotion structural model auction office. This study will
see how the implementation of the promotion model auction the employment in the local government Of DIY who in
this process use assessment center. The methodology writers included is the methodology qualitative. Data collection
techniques used is interviews and documentation made it through observation non participants. Data analysis writer
included is qualitative descriptive with draw conclusions and provide a or verify in the sentence so that eventually
delivering on conclusion.To get structural officers competent and having a good performance local governments
environment be conducted through a model auction promotion office. So in this research explain how promotion
auction model office for second echelon within local government offices. Promotion as a model auction be implemented
by local governments this analysis with three important element in promoting office. In this research also
presents opinion of BKD about The act 5/2014 which regulates of state civil apparatus.


Structural position promotion , promotion auction model office , the local government of DIY.

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