Pelaksanaan Kebijakan Pembangunan Kawasan Khusus Pariwisata Di Kabupaten Kepulauan Sula Provinsi Maluku Utara Tahun 2014

Darwawan Buamona, Ulung Pribadi


Natural resources and biodiversity Indonesia make this country rich with potential that exists in it, the main challenge
is how to both the way the government manages the resources and can be functioned as it should be for the State and
the Regions. Through the Regional Autonomy in Regions expected to be more independent in determining the whole
the activity as a subordinate of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, Sula Islands Regional Government also has the same
legitimacy to make various policies, including in the field of tourism. Sula Islands Government has set as part of the
development of tourism and economic make-Based Tourism Policy development to support the development of tourism.
Sulabesi island Sula Islands has five locations coastal tourist potential to be developed as a regional destination
tour namely Wai ipa of beach, Pagama Island, Coastal Fatkauyon, Goiyofa Wai of beach,and pas ipa of beach. Tourism
Regions Island Beach Sulabesi have a characteristic of a typical and natural. But not yet supported by facilities and
infrastructure, including tourist facilities are good and decent for tourists.This research was conducted using qualitative
research methods with fenomenalogi approach to describe, analyze and interpret the sides of policies such as
participation, networking, Organizational Structure, actor, financial, facilities, social, cultural, economic and political as
well as the interests of stakeholders.The results showed that the availability of resources have not been allocated to
support the implementation of clear, communication and coordination has not run optimally, external conditions (social,
economic, and political) impede the implementation of special regional development policy implementation in Sula
Islands tourism effectively and optimally. The implication is activity-based tourism economy has not contributed optimally
to the government, private and community from an economic standpoint.


Implementation Development of Policy Special Tourist Zone

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