Dinamika Kelembagaan Dalam Pelekasana Otonomi Khusus Syariat Islam Di Aceh (Kajian Kelembagaan)

Helmi Helmi, Achmad Nurmandi


This study wants to answer how the Institutional dynamics in the implementation of special autonomy in the field of
Islamic Law in Aceh that have not effective and efficient so it is necessary for the agency's role maximizing the
overall implementation of Islamic Law in Aceh through regulatory quality and the quantity produced by the agency
qanun the quality of the actors in the bureaucracy, institutional partnership and good governance can demonstrate
success in implementing the task, purpose this study was to examine more deeply about the institutional, in
implementing special autonomy in the field of Islamic Law in Aceh, three pillar theory, namely; Regulative, normative
and Culture / Cognitive, the data in the study This is obtained from the three agencies and the non-governmental
organizations and 70 respondents in organizations that have a working partner and responsibility towards
implementation of Islamic Law in Aceh. The method used in this research is mixed method research methods. Data
collection techniques used is library research, interviews, documents and questionnaires. The findings in this study
that first; the success of implementing Shari'a second; cultural influences and bigotry Aceh society against the
teachings of Islam so that Islam be cultural identity and sense of self-esteem, even Aceh society people unite
religion with the culture and customs that can not be separated, third; tolerance towards non-Muslims, and thus
creating feel safe and comfortable in the religion of the minorities in Aceh. And Fourth; dialectic role of scholars
between structures and actors, where public Aceh is also obedient and trust theologian, not only on the structure
and regulative, normative institution.


Institutional dynamics; Special Autonomy; Cultural and political dualism

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