Analisis Jaring Aspirasi Melaui Reses Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Lombok Timur Tahun 2015

Hidayatullah Hidayatullah, Ulung Pribadi


Any people who live in democracies have the right to participate in development daerah. Salah of his form
through aspiration of activities DPRD. Pelaksanaan recess recess East Lombok Regency spotlight for masyarakat.
Mekanisme recess that rarely publicized causes irregularities occurring mainly in the division budget item recess,
the process of implementation and poor implementation accommodate the aspirations masyarakat. sehingga
masyarakatpun not feel the results of that activity. This study discusses the mechanism and the results of the
activities during the recess which is at the level of implementation of a technical nature and the result was never
realized. In this study, the method used is qualitative analysis method in a descriptive way. The data in this study
were obtained through interviews and research shows that the first dokumentasi. Hasil; the implementation
process is done by a recess for Parliament East Lombok is quite varied ranging from formal activity as carried out
at the village office until iformal activities like sitting at home-rumah. Kedua discussion; The results of the public
reported a net aspirations and reported on the internal fractions by weighing the priority scale that later became
common view on a fraction of the plenary session. Third: deliberation undertaken Parliament in following up the
results of the recess rare word consensus so that the fraction of lobbying by local governments, sesame
Parliament and sesame fraks, i nevertheless the realization of aspirations were never perceived by the public
because too much importance to the local government and legislative.


Net Aspiration; Mechanism, recess; Parliament

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