Vol 4, No 1 (2021): IJIEF Vol 4 (1), January 2021

The publication of International Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance (IJIEF) volume 4 number 1 january 2021 discusses about several topics that is :

  • Islamic Public Finance on customer satisfaction for Non-Interets bank in Nigeria
  • Political and Islamic macroeconomics variable in Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries
  • Islamic Social Finance on impact of Covid-19 Pandemic in MENA region
  • The Influence of electronic service on Islamic banking
  • The permormance of Islamic microfinance on Baitul Maal wat Tamwil (BMT) in Wonosobo, Indonesia
  • The impact of Covid-19 on Islamic banking and finance (stock markets)
  • The model of Islamic economics research
The authors involved in this publication come from several countries such as Indonesia, Nigeria, United State, Bahrain, India, and Malaysia.

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