Evaluasi Program Wajib Belajar 9 Tahun Pada Sekolah Negeri dan Sekolah Swasta (Studi Kasus di Sekolah Dasar Negeri dan Sekolah Dasar Muhammadiyah di Kota Yogyakarta)

Iyan Fathul Khoeriyah, Achmad Nurmandi


The research aimed to acknowledge the evaluated of  compulsory 9-year assurance in state elementary school (SDN)
and private elementary school (Muhammadiyah) in the city of  Yogyakarta. Data Analysis Unit in this research is head
education section in elementary school at the city of  Yogyakarta, head master, teacher, scholl committee and students,
4 from state elementary school (SDN) and 4 from private elementary school (Muhammadiyah) in the city of  Yogyakar ta.
This research used method with data collection from the data analysis process based on the result of in depth
interview and documents. This study used descriptive and qualitative data with grounded theory method. The re-search result is the number of  suitably qualified educational personnel do not achieve the target of only 40%. Then
the number of  students who were subjected to compulsory quota admission of  new students in SDN and elementary
schools still have not meet the target. Facilities and infrastructure and Private Elementary School has not fully meet the
prescribed standards, and sources of  funding / budget, State elementary school (SDN) funding sourced from Re-gional Government Budget (APBD)and State Budget (APBN). While private elementary school funding sourced from
Regional Government Budget (APBD)and State Budget (APBN) and from (donations parents, fees, dues Sacrifice,
building development money, charity / special assistance). Elementary School does not collect tuition while still attract-ing private primary schools charge tuition  of  students for a nominal amount of  each school is different. The average
value of  private elementary school graduation is more higher than the state elementary school (SDN). Increase
(CCDMA) in the city of  Yogyakarta is equal to 92% have been achieved target And (APTs) are on state elementary
school (SDN) Patangpuluhan by 0,01% and the SD Muhammadiyah Purwodiningratan 1 by 0,01%.


Evaluation of policy; education; compulsory education program

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