Strategi Pemerintah Daerah Poso Periode 2010-2015 dalam Menghadapi Konflik Sosial

Zulkifli Hi Manna, Inu Kencana Syafiie


The purpose of  this study was 1) to determine the government’s strategy in dealing with the Poso area of  social
conflict and 2) to assess the constraints faced by local governments in dealing with conflict in Poso sosial.Jenis in this
research is a qualitative descriptive study using a case study approach took place in Poso, Central Sulawesi. Descrip-tive study (descriptive research) is a research method that is intended to describe the phenomena that exist, which
takes place in the present or the past. Methods of  data collection in this research is to use interviews and documen-tation. The informant in this research is the Local Government Poso, Poso Regional Police and Community Leaders
Poso. Results from the study is that there are three strategies Poso district governments in the face of  social conflicts.
The first economic development policy by opening jobs, economic empowerment, providing educational facilities and
health facilities. Both of  multicultural education by building schools harmony in collaboration with religious leaders and
religious organizations. The third inter-religious dialogue by establishing the Forum for Religious Harmony which is
funded budget. While the constraints faced by the local authorities in the face of  social conflict in Poso: First there is no permanent reconciliation. Both recovery funds for humanitarian tragedy of  the central government has not been well targeted and Third stigma that religion causes conflict. The results of  this study can be used as a reference for other
regions in anticipation of a conflict that could lead to social conflict. The conflict in the region is generally caused by
economic factors, but wrapped in religious conflicts.


Local Government; Policy Strategy; Social Comflict

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