Implementasi Pelayanan Samsat Corner dalam Rangka Meningkatkan Pelayanan Pajak Kendaraan Bermotor Tahun 2014

Pahmi Amri, Ulung Pribadi


Along with the issuance of the Joint Regulation of Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region, Regional Police Chief of
Yogyakarta Special Region, and Operational Director of PT. Jasa Raharja No.35 Year 2008 No:B/4820/XI/2008 and
No: SKEB/12/2008 about the program to improve SAMSAT’s excellent service, SAMSAT Corner was established. Vehicle
tax is one of tax incomes which affects regional income. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the tax revenue of
vehicle through various efforts. One of the ways is by improving the satisfaction of vehicle taxpayers by giving an
optimal service quality. Based on the explanation above, the researcher was eager to find out the implementation of
SAMSAT Corner service at Galleria Mall in order to improve vehicle tax in 2014. In this research about the implementation
of SAMSAT Corner service, a mix method –quantitative and qualitative methods – was employed. Firstly, the
data were collected quantitatively using survey approach. Then, the data were collected qualitatively. Based on
the data analysis, the implementation of SAMSAT Corner service at Galleria Mall has run well, as its index value is 3.59
or in good category. SAMSAT Corner service is also influenced by several factors, among others are communication,
human resources, disposition, and bureaucracy structure. Their index is 3.76, thus it is in good category as well. The
finding in this research shows that the internal organizer of service which is maximum cannot guarantee a good
service, because the internal assessment shows better result than the external one. Based on the analysis, it can be
concluded that the implementation of SAMSAT Corner service at Galleria Mall has run well and it gives positive effects
to society (vehicle taxpayers).However, the regulation that rules the operation of SAMSAT Corner service at Galleria
Mallis not optimal yet, so it is necessary to study it again in order to have a clear regulation about SAMSAT Corner


The implementation of public service

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