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Small-scale Robot Arm Design with Pick and Place Mission Based on Inverse Kinematics

Adnan Rafi Al Tahtawi, Muhammad Agni, Trisiani Dewi Hendrawati


Robot arm is often used in industry with various tasks, one of which is a pick and place. Rapid prototyping of robot arms is needed to facilitate the development of many industrial tasks, especially on a laboratory scale. This study aims to design a small-scale three degree of freedom (3-DoF) robot arm for pick and place mission using the inverse kinematics method. The mechanical robotic arm system is designed using Solidworks with four servo motors as the actuator. Arduino Mega 2560 is used as a microcontroller in which the inverse kinematic method is embedded. This method is used to move the robot based on the coordinates of the destination pick and place. The test results show that the robot arm can carry out the pick and place mission according to the target coordinates given with the largest average error of about 5 cm. While the error generated between the calculation and computation results is around 3%.


robot arm; small-scale; pick and place; inverse kinematics

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