Publication Ethics


Maharaat: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Arab puts attention on the publication ethics. Therefore, it is important to spread the information about this thing to the whole parties involved in this publication matter including the authors, reviewers, editors, and publisher itself. It aims to prevent such publication malpractice and copyright abuse. It is in accordance with our effort in giving the right code of conduct in the academics publication. Based on the Core Practices presented by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics), we share the duties of authors, editors, reviewers, and publisher that should be obeyed (

Duties of Authors

Authors have the obligation to submit the original article. It means that the paper should not be published elsewhere before. The paper’s status is not under review/editing on other journals. It will be considered as an unethical action if the authors submit a paper which is still in review/editing process on other journals.

The data of the research should be presented properly without any acts of data falsification and fabrication.  It is important that the authors have to present the research data accurately. The citation of other works should be done properly. Authors should pay attention on how to cite other people’s works so that it will not be considered as a plagiarism act.

To prevent the dispute regarding the paper publication, it is suggested that authors check the final manuscript before it is published on the journal. If the authors want to retract the paper, it is suggested to contact the journal’s editorial team right before the journal’s publication schedule.

Authors often use the human being as the participant of the research so it is suggested that the authors keep the confidential data of research participants. It is important not to exposure the confidential data of the research participants as a way of preventing legal dispute.

Duties of Reviewers

As a consultant for the journal, reviewers have such vital role in determining whether the paper is accepted or rejected on the journal. Reviewers or often called as referee have to give the constructive feedback to the authors about what should be improved in the paper.

The reviewers should be able to show some sections of the paper that needs to be polished for the better quality. By giving the clear statement or comments in the paper, reviewers have helped the editors in the process of decision making for the paper’s progress. It is a must for the reviewers to conduct the review process objectively. Personal criticism on the paper should be avoided.

If the reviewers feel that they are not capable enough in reviewing particular paper due to the different specialty they have, reviewers should contact the editors. It is a must for the reviewers to keep the confidential review process of a paper.

Reviewers should give competing interest declaration before accepting the review request from the editors. It is a way of preventing such conflict of interest in the paper publication on this journal.

Duties of Editors

Editors have the wide responsibilities in the publication matters. Initial screening of the paper should be done by the Editor-in-Chief to determine whether the article fits for the journal or not. Later, the Section editor who is appointed by the Editor-in-Chief has to choose the right reviewer for the paper.

It is a must for the editors to assess the paper based on its content not to be based on the religion, race, gender, citizenship, or political views of the authors. Editors are required to have such good decision making abilities for the paper publication on the journal.

In the process of editing the paper, the editor should be able to keep the confidential data of the paper and not getting advantage of it. Checking the originality of the paper is the main responsibility of the editors. Contacting the author regarding the paper’s progress is another editor task.

Duties of Publisher

The role of the journal or the publisher is giving the access for authors in publishing their academic works. The journal or the publisher must be able to ensure the authors’ intellectual rights on their works. The process of revision and retraction of a paper should be facilitated well by the journal or the publisher. Journal or publisher should be able to provide the access of scientific dissemination for academic works.