Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

Peer review process should be done in order to get the finest paper published in Maharaat: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Arab. The process of reviewing the paper is done by the experts so that the journal is able to carry on publishing such reputable scientific works.

Reviewers have a significant role to keep the high quality of papers published so that they have to follow the procedure of doing the reviews, as follows:

Confirmation on Doing the Review

As the editors have checked the paper whether it is qualified for the journal or not, the editors will appoint the reviewers to review the paper much deeper. The reviewers are appointed based on their expertise and the compatibility to the paper. Once the editors have sent the email to ask for reviewers for reviewing the paper, the reviewers should confirm and respond to this request to the editors. If the reviewers are about to decline to review the paper, they should inform the editors about this thing.

Submitting the Review Result

If the reviewers agree to review the paper, the editors will send the email containing review form and the manuscript. Since Maharaat: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Arab has applied the double blind review, the reviewers will not be given the information about the author and vice versa. The reviewers will be given such deadline for finishing the paper review. After the paper review has done, the reviewers will submit the review result and notify the editors.

Giving Recommendation to the Editor

It is a must for the reviewers to give the recommendation to the editor after finishing the paper review. There are four kinds of recommendation that can be given by the reviewers, such as accepting the manuscript, revisions required, resubmit for another review, and decline the manuscript. The editors can make a decision towards the paper based on the reviewers’ suggestion.